Monthiene Sundara
K&S Precision Cut Parts Mfg, LLC

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What is your business without its clients? As trade show cancellations eliminate sales leads and slim budgets lead to fewer orders, wholesaling and manufacturing businesses find themselves with erratic cash flow to maintain payroll and purchase costly PPE. Below, find a curated list of industry-specific resources, experiences from fellow wholesale and manufacturing owners about the challenges they’re facing, and how-to guides designed to help you reopen your doors and get back to business.
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Monthiene Sundara

K&S Precision Cut Parts Manufacturing

“Our existing customers paused all purchasing, causing our sales to decline rapidly. At the same time, their long payment terms cause us to deplete working capital until payment is received. Most of the employees at K & S are people without high school diplomas or degrees and are in the 50+ age group. If laid off, they will have a tougher time getting hired elsewhere due to language barrier and background. As an owner of K & S, I am doing whatever it takes to keep them employed so that they can have income to feed their families.”

Adrienne Stewart-Gordon

Pound Cake Society

“Our wholesale sales are made through personal appointments and trade shows; both have been eliminated in the present. Since the economy is in a fragile, uncertain state, getting short-term capital from anyone, including private investors, is a challenge.”

Create a New Business Plan

Nobody plans for a total halt in client purchasing, nor do they expect to adapt operations to social distancing and PPE requirements. Now is the time to rethink your business plan and take control of your future by exploring opportunities, testing the waters, and investing time, money, and energy where it matters.
Plan and Build a Resilient Business After COVID-19


Reopen Safely & Sensitively

What does it look like to run a wholesale business or factory floor in the age of COVID-19? The Guide below walks you through the best practices in terms of employee screening, social distancing, and PPE usage you should consider to keep your team members safe. Additionally, the Reinvigorate Your Team Culture Guide delves into ways to ensure your staff feels safe, supported, and connected to resources — particularly mental health ones.
How to Reopen Your Business Safely

Reinvigorate Your Team Culture


Explore New Sales Channels

Just because you’ve always sold wholesale doesn't mean that can’t change! Opening up a direct-to-consumer sales channel allows you to cut out the middleman while gathering important customer data and maintaining greater control over sales trends. Check out the Guide below to learn more about the pros and cons of making the shift. And if you decide to make the plunge, make sure your e-commerce presence is optimized to handle all the customer orders about to head your way.
Consider Direct-to-Consumer Sales

Perfect Your
E-Commerce Presence


Printable Flyers for Your Place of Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put together common COVID-19 templates to post in your physical location: one safety poster to describe safety measures taken to minimize risk for your staff and customers, and another poster with a standard employee health questionnaire to help screen for COVID-19. You’ll be able to customize these posters to fit your needs. All you’ll need to do is print them out.

Online Community

Post questions, offer advice, and share resources with thousands of entrepreneurs navigating these uncertain times alongside you. Our online Business for All community and twice weekly Community on Call virtual meetups are here to help you support each other as well as receive expert advice.