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Like you, many startups and entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to pivot quickly and address new problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is the time to reassess the business landscape, reinvigorate your employees, and plug up potential security threats for any newly remote operations. Below, find a curated list of industry-specific resources, experiences from fellow technology owners about the challenges they’re facing, and how-to guides designed to help you reopen your doors and get back to business.
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What Your Peers are Sharing with Hello Alice

Jay Tsao


“The COVID-19 crisis has halted about half of our sales channels due to retail closures and has rendered events and promotional activities useless. In addition to supply chain and logistics bottlenecks that have caused delays and dramatically increased COGS, the distress of collaboration between our stakeholders like employees and partners have put stress on the business in the immediate term.”

Cherise Esparza


“When we started hearing of this virus in January, I started making sure our employees had access to the necessary PPE and supplies, whether that’s hand sanitizer or wipes. When we started working remotely, we started thinking about our return. We want everyone to feel safe. One of the things that SecurityGate is doing is that we tested all of our employees and did the first round of antibody testing. We want to be a leader to provide access and pay for it.”

Create a New Business Plan

As digital communications replace in-person human interactions, opportunities are ripe for those committed to iteration and innovation. As an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger when it comes to inventing ways to meet your customers’ needs quickly. Take control of your future by exploring opportunities, testing the waters, and investing time, money, and energy where it matters.
Reinvigorate Your Company Culture

Prepare to Negotiate Your Ideal Term


Reopen Safely & Sensitively

The safety of your employees and customers comes first. Learn what precautions need to be taken as you reopen your business, meet best practices, and strategize how to support your team with open communication, mental health resources, and more. 
How to Reopen Your Business Safely

Reinvigorate Your Company Culture


Manage Inventory & Online Sales

Nowadays, it’s a lot harder for someone to set up a Geek Squad appointment when they need help or recommendations. Are you ready to support your customers’ needs online? Check out the Guide below to learn how to tackle issues with your supply chain and streamline your inventory practices.
Get Your Supply Chain Back on Track


Keep Your Customers Safe

Many technology companies are moving very quickly during this pandemic to identify opportunities to find their pivot. However, when it comes to your customers’ personal information, corners should never be cut. From seemingly benign interactions such as browser-based chat, to sensitive information such as financial data, you want to make sure your customers are safe every step of the way. Check out the Guide below for a primer on the tips, tricks, and tools for keeping data both secure and conveniently accessible as you work remotely.
Security for Remote Businesses


Printable Flyers for Your Place of Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put together common COVID-19 templates to post in your physical location: one safety poster to describe safety measures taken to minimize risk for your staff and customers, and another poster with a standard employee health questionnaire to help screen for COVID-19. You’ll be able to customize these posters to fit your needs. All you’ll need to do is print them out.

Online Community

Post questions, offer advice, and share resources with thousands of entrepreneurs navigating these uncertain times alongside you. Our online Business for All community and twice weekly Community on Call virtual meetups are here to help you support each other as well as receive expert advice.