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Your beachtown boutique wasn’t set up to succeed without tourists popping in to browse, and a jewelry store will suffer without looky loos and special events on the horizon to spur sales. This is the reality for retail businesses everywhere as they wrangle complicated inventory and supply issues, and come to terms with customers flocking to e-commerce over brick and mortar. Below, find a curated list of industry-specific resources, experiences from fellow retail owners about the challenges they’re facing, and how-to guides designed to help you reopen your doors and get back to business.
Find Resources Specific to Entrepreneurs in the Retail Industry

What Your Peers are Sharing with Hello Alice

Jerry Koizumi

Hideaway Hilo

“We have adjusted to do online-only sales through our Instagram as we do not have a web store and do not have the resources to effectively create one at this time. This has helped slightly. We purchased three new Clover point of sale units so that our employees could operate from home and process sales remotely without going to our physical location. We have made all efforts to keep our employees on payroll by utilizing this work-from-home system we have devised. We requested financial relief from our landlord but we have not received any assistance and do not expect any for these months we have been closed.”

Merin Guthrie

The Kitmade Company

“All of our spring trunk show events have been cancelled, so we immediately lost about 30% of our revenue, and as we're unable to work on custom orders (accounting for another 30% of our revenue) during a shelter in place, that's another 30% of revenue lost. We've also experienced supply chain issues including fabric and trim shortages.”

Reevaluate Your Business Plan & Real Estate

Your retail business probably didn’t plan to close shop for weeks or months at a time, losing valuable cash flow. Now is the time to take control of your future by exploring opportunities, testing the waters, and investing time, money, and energy where it matters. And if you have a commercial lease that is no longer safe or financially feasible to operate, it might be time to rethink your space needs. Check out Guides on both topics below.
Plan and Build a Resilient Business After COVID-19

Rethink Your Retail Space Needs


Reopen Safely & Sensitively

Walking into your shop should be an exciting, engaging experience, but how do you make that happen without putting customers and employees at risk? Most of all, how do you ensure that your staff feels safe and supported coming to work each day? Dive into the specifics of each huge task in the Guides below.
How to Reopen Your Business Safely

Reinvigorate Your Retail Team Culture


Manage Inventory & Online Sales

The online shopping experience may lack the personal touch found in the best boutiques, but it’s an opportunity to reach more customers than ever before. Take this time to discount any leftover spring inventory and beef up your online shopping presence to get cash flowing and customers satisfied.
Perfect Your
E-Commerce Presence

Get Your Supply Chain Back on Track


Think About Rehiring

Your customers will be ready to come back sooner or later, and you’ll probably want to staff up again as stay-at-home orders lift and people feel safe spending an afternoon window shopping (and hopefully making some impulse buys). Learn all about how to bring back employees you laid off or furloughed, and contractors you may have paused relationships with. Let’s get back to work!
Bring Back Your Retail Workforce


Printable Flyers for Your Place of Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put together common COVID-19 templates to post in your physical location: one safety poster to describe safety measures taken to minimize risk for your staff and customers, and another poster with a standard employee health questionnaire to help screen for COVID-19. You’ll be able to customize these posters to fit your needs. All you’ll need to do is print them out.

Retail Community

Post questions, offer advice, and share resources with thousands of entrepreneurs navigating these uncertain times alongside you. Our online Business for All community and twice weekly Community on Call virtual meetups are here to help you support each other as well as receive expert advice.