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How do you sell beauty products without demonstrating their potential to customers? How do you provide salon services to someone wearing a mask? The new COVID-19 reality means the personal touch essential to health and beauty services must be rethought and, in some cases, replaced with new business strategies. Below, find a curated list of industry-specific resources and how-to guides designed to help you reopen your doors and get back to business.

Apply for a COVID-19 Business for All Emergency Grant

Hello Alice is offering $10,000 grants being distributed immediately to small business owners impacted by coronavirus, as part of our broader mission to ensure Business for All. In addition to funding, grant recipients will receive ongoing support from the Hello Alice community. While there are more applications than funding, we are disbursing funding on a rolling basis and therefore continuing to review new applications.
Find Resources Specific to Beauty & Wellness Entrepreneurs


Create a New Business Plan

COVID-19 has disrupted every business plan, for better and worse. Now is the time to take control of the future of your business by exploring opportunities, testing the waters, and investing time, money, and energy where it matters.
Plan and Build a Resilient Business After COVID-19


Reopening Safely & Reinvigorating Company Culture

Safety measures like social distancing, personal protective equipment, and temperature checks have upended the way you do business. Learn all the best practices so that employees and customers feel safe, confident, and satisfied as your business reopens.
How to Reopen Your Business Safely

Reinvigorate Your Company Culture


Perfect Your E-Commerce & Adapt Your Inventory Management

In-store demos at the beauty counter are risky, and salons will run at a limited capacity for the time being. Now more than ever, it’s critical for health and beauty businesses to strengthen their e-commerce presence and adapt their inventory management to better serve their customer needs.
Perfect Your
E-Commerce Presence

Get Your Inventory
and Supply Chain Back on Track


Create Virtual Customer Relationships

One-on-one consultations, product demos, and memorable brand experiences are some of the strongest sales tactics available to health and beauty brands. Master virtual techniques and learn from successful examples of how to recreate these experiences for a socially-distant future.
Foster Virtual Customer Relationships


Customize Printable Flyers for Your Place of Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put together common COVID-19 templates for posting in your physical location. Customize them to fit your needs and branding, then print out to post.

Beauty & Wellness Community

Post questions, offer advice, and share resources with thousands of entrepreneurs navigating these uncertain times alongside you. Our online Business for All community and twice weekly Community on Call virtual meetups are here to help you support each other as well as receive expert advice.