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As if running a salon wasn’t challenging enough, now you have to make clients feel beautiful–and safe–getting a cut and color from behind a face mask. Gym owners must consider how to make Zoom workouts engaging and effective for their clients. The new reality means the personal touch so essential to beauty and wellness businesses must be rethought, and in some cases, replaced with new strategies. Below, find a curated list of industry-specific resources and experiences from fellow beauty and wellness owners. Learn about the challenges they’re facing, and explore how-to guides designed to help you reopen your doors and get back to business.
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What Your Peers are Sharing with Hello Alice

Annabelle Santos


“I launched a new hand sanitizer with 75% alcohol and soap to help people protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. Whole Foods Global already approved it for sale at existing Whole Foods partners in the Northeast region, but I lack the funds to increase capacity to meet the demand and lower costs. Distributors are out of stock on bottles, and suppliers have raised their prices by 25%-35%, with prices going up each week.”

Desiree Santiago

Sway'D StyleLounge

“This pandemic truly showed us a need to have not only a stronger retail wing of our business, but a solid e-commerce and virtual way to sell these products to ensure we can sustain during hard times. In addition, it serves a strong benefit to our business structure and profits us to maintain this pivot even after the pandemic is over.”

Create a New Business Plan

Few owners, if any, planned to run a nail salon at 50% capacity with plexiglass barriers between clients. Gyms design their entire model around a business that is literally physical. As your company pivots and adapts to changing economic conditions, now is the time to take control of your future by exploring opportunities, testing the waters, and investing time, money, and energy where it matters.
Plan and Build a Resilient Business After COVID-19


Reopen Safely & Sensitively

In-person makeup tutorials at the beauty counter are no longer an option; for personal care services like hair and nail salons, required appointments, enhanced sanitation, and abundant PPE are the new norm. Learn how to reopen your business to keep your customers safe and strategize ways to support your team with open communication, mental health resources, and whatever else they need to make their workplace as safe and stress-free as possible. 
How to Reopen Your Business Safely

Reinvigorate Your Team Culture


Create & Master Online Sales Channels

COVID-19 has revealed how many beauty and wellness businesses rely on a single revenue stream. Salon owners might not be able to operate at full capacity, but you can definitely ramp up your retail business and sell hair care products to your customers online. The same e-commerce solution would help beauty brands who traditionally move inventory at events. Check out the Guides below to learn how to set up your online sales channels and use virtual tools like social media and video content to land sales.

Resolve Supply Problems & Plan for the Future

Perhaps your beauty brand is sitting on inventory it planned to sell at trade shows or pop-ups this spring. Or maybe your company was one of the many to add hand sanitizer to its product line only to run into trouble sourcing abundant and cost-effective materials. Consult the Guide below to learn more about ways to better manage your inventory and create a more robust and resilient supply chain to weather disruptions — both right now and in the future.
Get Your Supply Chain Back on Track


Printable Flyers for Your Place of Work

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has put together common COVID-19 templates to post in your physical location: one safety poster to describe safety measures taken to minimize risk for your staff and customers, and another poster with a standard employee health questionnaire to help screen for COVID-19. You’ll be able to customize these posters to fit your needs. All you’ll need to do is print them out.

Online Community

Post questions, offer advice, and share resources with thousands of entrepreneurs navigating these uncertain times alongside you. Our online Business for All community and twice weekly Community on Call virtual meetups are here to help you support each other as well as receive expert advice.